Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mural wall in Nederland Colorado....oh, and me, the artist...haahaha
Mural in Ned. Co.

You are what you eat wall deco I painted in cafe in West Haven CT

Mural in cafe

Mural commission in Colorado

Some other stuffages

Its only natural(colored pencil drawing)
"Footprints Heartprints" in colored pencil

Coconut wall hanging in acrylics

Hand Painted floorcloths

Here are some floorcloths I have painted.


This is a table I painted in a cafe in West Haven Ct. Random doodlings.

Here is my latest painting. Sorry for the reflection. I find this to be the case when framed in glass.
This was a painting lesson result and it was on cardboard. My friend had it framed. I gave it to her.